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Drawing Board Art Set With Strathmore Pad Pentalic Pencils & Walter Foster Book

Manufacturer: PleinAirCo
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Drawing Board Set with Strathmore Pad

Drawing Board Set with Strathmore Pad, Pentalic Pencils & More

Now with Two Walter Foster Drawing Instruction Books!

Our Drawing Set provides you with all the drawing tools needed for School, Work or just for Fun!
  • Durable Drawing board measures at 13" x 17" inches

  • Large Rubber band to keep you pages down and metal clamp to hold the pad to the board.

  • Comes with Strathmore 9" x 12" Series 400 Drawing Pad. 

  • Pentalic Extra Wide 12PC Pencil Set

  • Also as a extra we have included the Walter Foster Series "Pencil Drawing" Illustration book.

Sketch & Tote Board with clip and large band

  • Lightweight and Durable Board is 13" x 17" inches

  • Sturdy Metal Clip and Large Rubber Band

  • Hold Pads, Canvases, and Paper

  • Handle along side for easy carrying

Strathmore 400 Professional Series Drawing Pad

9" x 12" inch White Paper for Illustrations and Final Drawings
24 Sheets of 80lb Bond

Pro Art Drawing Tools

Value pack includes a kneaded eraser, a white plastic eraser, 2 sharpeners:
1 standard and one designed for charcoal and pastel pencils; and a blending stump.

Pentalic Drawing Pencils

12 Degrees of Hardness from   8B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 4H

Walter Foster - Artist's Library Series 'Pencil Drawing' 64 Page Instruction Book

(a few sample pages below)

Pencil drawing is fundamental to the visual arts and pencil can be a wonderfully expressive medium. In this inspiring book, Gene Franks shares his knowledge and shows by example how to bring out the beauty in ordinary things. 

  • Find out about the materials you'll need, the basic hand positions, and how to set up a work area

  • Practice the different pencil strokes for shading and showing texture.

  • Learn how to make and use a grid for establishing correct proportions.

  • Discover the basics of perspective and value drawing.

  • Follow 13 step-by-step drawings to create still lifes, animals, landscape, people, and more.


Now with 'Drawing 2' .... 


a Free second Instruction Book included as part of this set!


(effective 2-22-13)


Walter Foster "Drawing 2"   Instruction Book

    Beginners Drawing Guide Set & Walter Foster Drawing book


In this book, William F. Powell teaches you the basics of drawing and beyond!  Inside, you will find more than a dozen step-by-step demonstrations for  rendering beautiful drawings in pencil. First the author covers the materials  you will need to get started drawing. Then he presents each lesson with simple  instructions and easy-to-follow steps. You will learn about creating realistic  textures, taking into account basic proportions, and applying techniques that  will lend depth and atmosphere to your drawings. With clear explanations of art  concepts and drawing techniques, this book will be a welcome addition to any  artist's library of references!


Beginners Drawing Guide Set & Walter Foster Drawing book




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