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Artist Complete Drawing Sketching Gift Set with Book and DVD...

Manufacturer: PleinAirCo
UPC: 791090437202
Price: $99.95
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Drawing And Sketching Course Set  with DVD Instruction Book, Supplies and More!

Retail Value over  $99.00 **Limited Quantity**

This drawing and Sketching set contains the  'Simply Drawing Book & DVD' with 100's of drawings and companion  book
which illustrates the artist techniques. Also, we have included  the 'Drawing Workbook' which has 10
course's on drawing with graphite, charcoal and colored pencils.  The 'Generals Drawing kit' contains everything
you would need to work through all the Drawing Workbook courses.

Also included in the set  are 3 drawing mediums needed for the course

  • Hampton Sketch Pad 14" x 17" in. 60lb Bond 50 Sheets
  • Pentalic Sketch Book  8.5" x 5.5  in. 70lb Bond 80  Sheets Hand Cover, Spiral
  • BEE PAPER Hemp Sketch Pad 9" x 9" 70lb Bond 20 Sheets



    General's 20 Piece Drawing Kits

    Kit Contents:

    • 1 Kneaded Eraser
    • 1 Steel Sharpener
    • 4 Charcoal Pencils
    • 1 White Charcoal Pencil
    • 1 Kimberly Graphite Drawing Pencil Soft
    • 10 Multi-Pastel Chalk Pencils of Assorted Colors
    • 1 Layout Pencil Ebony Black
    • 1 Carbon Sketch Pencil
    • 1 Flat Sketching Pencil




    GENERAL'S® #20 Kit, The Original Classic Sketching & Drawing Kit comes to you from our factory in Jersey City, New Jersey. Filled with artists' favorite sketching tools, and recommended by art schools since 1960, GENERAL'S® #20 is the original, portable mixed drawing media kit.


    Our pencils are handcrafted with sustained yield incense cedar wood, a renewable resource, to ensure smooth sharpening and strength; and tested for safety by the Pencil Makers Association, and the Art and Creative Materials Institute. They are non-toxic, and conform to ASTM D-4236. .Our kits are designed to be reusable and recyclable. Ideal for studio, design, illustration, field sketching and creative projects of all levels.



     4 GENERAL'S ®  "Original" Charcoal Pencils (asst. degrees)

    Create rich, black drawings with these smooth, blendable charcoal pencils.


     1 GENERAL'S ®  "Original" Charcoal White®  Pencil

    A smooth, blendable white pencil for highlighting on black charcoal drawings. Use alone to create unique drawings on textured or colored papers.


     1 KIMBERLY Graphite Drawing Pencil

    A smooth drawing pencil available in 20 degrees, from soft to hard. Sharpen the pencil in your kit to use for fine detailed drawing, or allow the tip to become blunt for bolder lines.. Create dimension by cross hatching.


     10 GENERAL'S ®  Multi-Pastel! Colored Chalk Pencils                

    Unique, smooth, and blendable, these pigment rich pastel pencils can be used to create colorful, vibrant drawings or to add subtle color to charcoal or graphite drawings. Experiment on textured papers. To sharpen use GENERAL'S ®  #5-650 little Red™ All-Art sharpener or a hand-held stainless steel blade sharpener.


     1 GENERAL'S ®  Layout Pencil

    An extra soft, extra black, thick graphite pencil, also referred to as an ebony pencil. Use to draw preliminary sketches, to layout drawings before painting over them, or to add final blacks and shading in detailed drawings. A classic pencil used by artists, animators, fashion illustrators, and advertising directors for "Layouts" since the 1920's.


     1 GENERAL'S ®  CARBON SKETCH'. Pencil

    A unique formula that combines the smoothness of graphite and darkness of charcoal. It lays down smooth, strong, jet-black lines that are perfect for sketching, drawing and layout.


     1 GENERAL'S ®  Flat Sketching'. Pencil

    Wide, flat, graphite pencil which can be used for broad and thin lines in one stroke. This pencil is often used for practicing calligraphy strokes and for enhancing any type of drawing with its bold, shaped, graphite core. Use GENERAL'S ®  5-6000 Flat Point'" sharpener to sharpen.



    Generals® is a registered trademark of General Pencil Company Inc, The graphic at left and the descriptions of the contents are derived from the case this set is contained (pictured at bottom of page) in which are the intellectual property of the General Pencil Company Inc, General Pencil Company Inc, makes products in the USA! Canson® is a registered trademark of Canson US;  Alvin® is a registered trademark of Alvin & Co. Inc. All other original photographs are the intellectual property of Craft Central a holding of PleinAir Inc. (who is not affiliated with any of the manufactures mentioned above whose products are contained in this listing)





     1 GENERAL'S ®  Kneaded Eraser

    A traditional eraser that can be shaped for precision erasing. Use for highlighting and erasing. Ideal for blending, highlighting, and erasing charcoal and pastel.








     1 GENERAL'S ®  Stainless Steel Blade Artist Sharpener GENERAL'S ®  specially angled German stainless steel blades ensure smooth sharpening for high quality artist pencils, such as pastel, charcoal, and graphite.








    GENERAL'S ®  Multi-Pastel Chalk Pencils


    GENERAL'S ®  Assorted Specialized Drawing Pencils


    GENERAL'S ®  "Original" Charcoal Pencils (asst. degrees)




    Very Limited Quantity, so get your order in now.  Makes for a Great Gift!

    Retail Value of each item if ordered separately.


    Simply Drawing Book & DVD (Retail $22.95)
    Drawing Workbook (Retail $19.99)
    20 Piece Generals Drawing kit (Retail $20.99)
    Hampton Sketch Pad 14" x 17" in. ($12.95)
    Pentalic Sketch Book 8.5" x 5.5 ($8.95)
    BEE PAPER Hemp Sketch Pad 9" x 9" in. ($8.50)


    Three unique Sketch Pads included!


    Pads sizes show here only to fit on page - are not to scale. See collection photo at top for correct relative scale of pad sizes


    Drawing Workbook


    Simply Drawing

    Step by Step  Drawing Techniques Book & DVD Video  (New)

    Learning to draw has never been easier than with Simply Drawing. Author and artist Jacqui Grantford's message is clear: everyone can draw - it's simply a matter of learning the basic skills and techniques that will allow you to take what you see around you and translate it into beautiful artwork.

    In this 64 page full color book, and companion Video DVD Jacqui takes you through all the basics,
    including equipment, shading techniques, lighting and achieving a sense of depth and distance.

    Sellers Note: This is a beginners guide for drawing,  although the packaging may depict this for children. Having watched the video and read the book, I beleive this is suitable for anyone interested in drawing, and for all ages.



    Page Excerpts




    Back Cover










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