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Mastering the Art of Drawing Art Instruction Book 256 pages

Manufacturer: JG Press
SKU: 1517
ISBN: 1572155264
Price: $29.95
Retail: $35.00
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Condition: New

 (1) 'Mastering the Art of Drawing' ART INSTRUCTION BOOK

256 Pages!  750 Color ILLUSTRATIONS!  * COMPARE AT $35.00!

Our Favorite drawing book is back! (Satisfaction guaranteed.)

by IAN SIDAWAY & SARAH HOGGETT; Large Format, Stiff Cover, 256Pgs, 100% Satisfaction Guarnteed

* Pencils Pens and pastels        * Observing & Measuring

* Shading        * Line Drawing        * Sketching

* Texture               * Composition           * Perspective

A few sample pages from this 256 page book....

(C) Publisher & Authors  All Rights Reserved; (Time consuming) Sample Scans by your seller, their use is solely for demonstration, not to be reproduced, (or borrowed by other much 'less motivated' sellers).

• Discover the pleasure and practicalities of drawing with this comprehensive

reference book featuring over 750 superb color photographs

• Introduces all aspects of drawing for beginners to intermediates,

with full technical instruction and easy-to-follow step-by-step projects

• Includes a complete guide to the artist's materials and equipment you will need,

including monochrome and colored pencils, charcoal, wax crayons,

chalks, soft pastels, conte sticks, pen and ink, easels and the various types of drawing paper

• Provides expert guidance on the key drawing techniques, with small-scale practice exercises:

drawing outlines, shading and tonal work, line and wash, sketching, using negative spacing, blending, frottage and sgraffito,

as well as fundamental principles such as understanding perspective, composition and color

• Features over 25 original fully illustrated projects, specially commissioned from leading professional artists,

to help you learn and practice the techniques in action

• Additional 'quick sketch' projects show how landscapes, still-lifes, people, animals,

buildings, trees and flowers can be handled in under 30 minutes

With over 750 color photographs. 256p.

Compare at $34.95



(C) Publisher & Authors  All Rights Reserved; (Time consuming) Sample Scans by FMPGURU, their use is solely for demonstration, not to be reproduced, (or borrowed by other much 'less motivated' sellers).



Table Of Contents


Getting started                                              6

Monochrome media                                        8

Colored drawing media                                  10

Pastels                                                             12

Pen and ink                                                  14

Supports                                                         16

Additional equipment                                     18

Making marks                                               20

Line drawing                                                 22

Seeing things as simple shapes                     24

Understanding tone                                       30

Adding tone                                                  32

Measuring systems                                       38

Negative shapes                                           40

Perspective                                                     44

linear perspective                                          46

Two-point perspective                                    48

Foreshortening                                                     51

Curved forms in perspective                            52

Blending with colored pencils                       54

Blending with soft pastels and Oil pastels       58

Blending with water-soluble pencils                 64

Brush drawing                                               66

Line and wash                                              70

Masking                                                         74

Eraser drawing                                              78

Sgraffito                                                         81

Drawing smooth textures                               84

Drawing rough textures                                  88

Drawing soft textures                                     92

Drawing projects                                        96

Quick sketches of trees                                 98

Quick sketches of flowers                            102

Trees in winter                                            104

Field of sunflowers                                       108

Flower-filled alleyway                                   112

Autumn leaf                                                116

Quick sketches of landscapes                      120

Mediterranean seascape                              126

Snow scene                                                132

Reflections in rippling water                          136

Landscape on a large scale                          140

Rocky canyon                                             144

Quick sketches of still-lifes                         150

Exotic flowers                                             156

Metal detail                                                 160

Still life with garlic and shallots                     164

Still life with pears                                       168

Small objects drawn large                            172

Quick sketches of buildings                         176

Old wooden gateway                                   182

Venetian building                                         186

Cityscape                                                     190

Sunshine and shadow                                  194

Quick sketches of animals                           198

Old English Sheepdog                                 204

Short-eared Owl                                          208

Chickens                                                         212

Swimming fishes                                         216

Quick sketches of people                             220

Male portrait                                               226

Character portrait                                        230

Dancing couple                                           236

Male nude                                                  240

Grandmother and young child                       244

Glossary 250 Suppliers 252 Index 254 Acknowledgements 256


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