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Pentalic Colored Pencil Drawing Set, Canson Paper & Walter Foster Book

Pentalic Colored Pencil Drawing Set, Canson Paper & Walter Foster Book

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Condition: New

...Everything you need to Get Started Drawing™...  

 The 2nd in our exclusive, 'Get Started Drawing' series are a spectacular value!    Low Flat Rate Priority Mail Shipping


New Listing! Everything Above is Included In This New Set, an Upgraded Case, and now a 64 page Drawing Instruction Book!

All Items are: New Stock, Individually packaged, In Original, Case, Package or Shrink Wrap suitable, packaged, and shipped for gift giving.


Walter Foster - Artist's Library Series 'COLORED Pencil STEP by Step' 64 Page Instruction Book

Pencil drawing is fundamental to the visual arts and pencil can be a wonderfully expressive medium. 64 pages 9.5" x6.5"   From the inside flap of this book:


Whether this is your first experience using a Walter Foster art book or the continuation of a long-term relationship with our products. we are sure that this title in our Artist's Library series will delight you.


Whatever your artistic ambitions. we wish you good luck and success. and we hope that you always have fun in the process!


This unique compilation of II drawing lessons showcases the work of three accomplished artists.


Each artist shares personal techniques. insights. and helpful hints for mastering the medium. And because all these fine artists have develop their own special approach to working with colored pencils there are countless lessons to be learned from their indi­vidual and distinct perspectives.


 You'll benefit from these artists' wide range of experiences and styles as you follow them step by step through a diverse presentation of sub­ject matter and instruction.



Table of Contents

             Introduction 3

             Tools and Materials 4

             Color Theory 6

            Colored Pencil Techniques 8

             About the Artists 14

             Lesson 1: Making the Best of a Limited Palette 18

             Lesson 2: Starting with a Simple Subject 22

             Lesson 3: Using References 26

             Lesson 4: Drawing Animals Accurately 30

             Lesson 5: Achieving a Likeness 34 

             Lesson 6: Composing a Landscape 38

             Lesson 7: Capturing Mood 44

             Lesson 8: Understanding Value 48

             Lesson 9: Setting Up a Still Life 52

             Lesson 10: Creating Drama with Contrast 56 

             Lesson 11: Utilizing Artistic License 60 

             Conclusion 64





From the Publisher:  Dear Art Enthusiast, Today may be your fist time using a Walter Foster art book, or it may be the continuation of a long-term relationship with our products. Either way, this book will delight you.

Like all of our art books, this title was written with careful attention to detail. It includes detailed illustrations that will bring you a satisfying learning experience and hours of enjoyment. Walter Foster Publishing knows that artists are eager to learn, sharpen their skills and talents, and experience new artistic horizons. And while you may not be in a position to take private lessons, Walter Foster offers you the next best thing--step-by-step, do-it-yourself art instruction books that are entertaining and affordable.

Our books are authored by some of the best artists in America, and you can be sure our quality standards and color presentations are at the highest possible levels. For 80 years, Walter Foster Publishing has been providing instructional art books and products to million of enthusiastic artists who enjoy the rewards of learning to draw and paint. Most of all, we hope you have fun in the process!

Pentalic® 12 Piece Artists Colored Pencil Set

The Pentalic set includes 12 individual colored pencils. They are soft enough to allow delicate shading and they

can be sharpened to a point for controlled lines. Pre-Sharpened, Wood-cased pencils with strong break resistant 3.0 mm leads.

Pencils are enclosed in a convenient metal & hinged storage case.

ProArt® Artist Transparent Vinyl Mesh Carry Case

Conveniently holds all the contents of this kit in a flat, low profile, go anywhere case

Mesh vinyl art bags are perfect for carrying all kinds of art supplies.

These translucent bags feature a zipper and hanging cord.

Canson® Drawing Paper in single cut sheets- (24)

Canson's Drawing paper package contains 24 sheets of 70 lb (115 gsm) 8.5 x 11

 More... from the back of the package:

?  Ideal for detailed drawings in pencil, also recommended for pen, charcoal, and ink.

Tips from the back of the Canson Drawing Paper Package: "One of the best ways to begin understanding the basic principles of drawing can be found in the everyday things around you. Find a variety of simple household items, such as fruit, a jar, vase or candle and arrange them together, any way you like. Pay attention to the light source, and how it creates a shadow on the opposite side of the objects. Start by sketching a loose outline on your paper of what you see, to give yourself a kind of "map" for the placement of the objects. Once you've done that, begin drawing the objects in more detail, adding shadows and light, and creating depth by shading the darker areas of the objects in your drawing. Your goal is to create a detailed work of art capturing as much detail as possible."

"COLORED Pencil STEP by Step" Back Cover


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